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Dual Language

Two Languages: Your Child’s Doorway to Success

Dual language programs in Clear Creek ISD offer students the unique opportunity to learn Spanish or English, depending on the student’s home language. Dual language programs are offered at five elementary schools as well as three intermediate schools to support the learning progression.

While Dual Language Two-Way programs are offered in select schools, enrollment in the program is open to students outside of those attendance boundaries based on space availability. This is an application only program. For the program to be effective, a class is balanced with both English and Spanish speakers. 

Applications for the 2022-2023 school year will reopen in February 1, 2022.

Procedures for Entering the Dual Language Program

English-speaking students may enter the Dual Language Program in either kindergarten or another grade level if they meet the entry criteria for that grade level.

To enter a Dual Language Program in kindergarten:

  1. The Dual Language Program application is completed by the parent/guardian.
  2. Parent/guardian attends a Dual Language Orientation.
  3. Parent/guardian schedules the language proficiency testing of the student.
  4. The student is individually administered an oral language proficiency test in English. The parent/guardian will not be present during testing, but the results of the test will be shared with the parent/guardian. Students applying to multiple Dual Language Programs will be administered one oral language proficiency test and the results will be shared with all applicable programs.
  5. The student must score at the Fluent English Speaker proficiency level to be placed on the qualified list.
  6. If more students qualify as Fluent English Speakers than there is space available in the Dual Language Program, a lottery will be held.
  7. Students who are not selected to enter the program during the lottery will be placed on the waiting list.
  8. Students on the waiting list may enter the Dual Language Program during the first semester of kindergarten if space becomes available.
  9. Kindergarten-aged English-speaking students may not enter the Dual Language Program after the first semester of kindergarten unless they meet the entry criteria, and there is available space (please see “To Enter in Grades K-5”).
  10. All necessary registration procedures must be followed to enroll the student in kindergarten.

Dual Language Elementary Schools

Intermediate Dual Language Schools

For more information about how to enroll your child in CCISD Dual Language Two-Way Program Contact:

Cynthia Suarez
Dual Language Coordinator